Beru Revue Share - Do you have something to share? 

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 What do you have to share? 
 What do you have to share? 
 What do you have to share? 

 At this time, the band asks that music files made publicly available from this site be restricted to the vinyl records or material that has been broadcast. The band does NOT want rehersal tapes or raw mixes available from this site (I was not sure what a raw mix was, but someone sent me an email saying that a raw mix is recorded off the sound board at a live show; I can probably identify a rehersal). As far as broadcast material is concerned, I believe that there is at least one more radio concert and a video from a philadelphia TV station. 

 Beru Revue currently has a 2 disc CD collection available from their website. It is sometimes sold out. There is some overlap between the CD collection and the 1987 concert files on this site. If you want the other songs from the CDs, I suggest buying them from the band when they are available. 

 When it comes to non-music files, like pictures, newspaper articles, etc., I'm not aware of any restrictions on sharing them. So send whatever you like. 

 Perhaps you have something to share, but don't have a digital copy (maybe you have a cassette tape, video tape, picture or newpaper clipping). I can probably convert it to a digital copy for you. Contact me via email and I'll see what I can do. 

 On the other hand if you have digital files, you can upload them at the bottom of this page. Hit the "Browse..." button to pick a file. After picking a file, another "Browse..." button will appear, allowing you to pick multiple files. When you are done picking files, press the "Upload" button. If you make a mistake, hit the "Reset" button. Feel free to send any file that is Beru Revue related. Keep in mind that if the file is not something the band wants on this site, I will not make it publicly available. When you upload files, please send an email to me as well, letting me know what the files are and who you are. 

 To contact me via email, use "woo woo yeah at beruervueshare dot com", but take out the spaces and replace "at" and "dot" with the appropriate characters. If I start to get a lot of spam on that address, I may change it periodically. Keep in mind this site is a hobby. I'll try to check this email on a daily basis and it may take me sometime to update the website with new material after I receive it.