Beru Revue Share - Vinyl Album - Be Careful Tonight 

 When I was converting the audacity project to mp3's, I noticed at least two skips (remember records and how small children jumping off a bunk bed in a different room can cause records to skip...). I'll try to re-record songs with any flaws in a few days. 

 Mike M supplied the picture of the Cassette Insert. 

 Click on a song's link to play it. Right-Click on a song's link and choose "Save Target As..." to download it. 

 Be Careful Tonight 

 Casio Selector 

 Only One 


 The Poem 

 Lets Pretend 

 King Of England 

 I Got A Job 

 Hoods A Go-Go 

 Anyone remember the Wall-To-Wall Sound stores? I remember checking out the Beru records there. There seemed to be two records with the same songs on them. It turned out that there were two different covers to the "Be Careful Tonight" album. The "domestic" and "import" covers. And if you bought the "domestic" version, it came with the "import" cover inside as two posters. I guess if you bought the version with the "import" cover, you probably got the "domestic" covers inside. 

 Click on pictures for larger versions. 

 Domestic Cover Front - Autographed 
 Domestic Cover Front 
 Domestic Cover Back 
 Import Cover Front 
 Import Cover Back 
 Side One 
 Side Two 
 Cassette Insert 
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