Beru Revue Share - Cassette Tape - Beru HaHa - good to be the KING 

 When I was at the World Cafe Live show on 10/13/2007, an old friend, MJC, who I went to most Beru shows with back in the 80's gave me a digitized copy of this cassette recording, as well as a picture of the Cassette Insert. 

 More recently, Mike M sent me the other pictures, the front and back cassette inserts, the publicity photo and the advertisement. The advertisement was oversized for his scanner and he sent me it as multiple pictures, which I put together. 

 I was never at a Beru HaHa show, however I have heard Beru Revue play some of these songs at the World Cafe Live show and later shows. 

 Click on a song's link to play it. Right-Click on a song's link and choose "Save Target As..." to download it. 

 Good to be the King 

 Swing Out 

 One More Time 

 Party Girl 

 Out There 

 Its a Dogs Life 

 but a dream 

 Click on pictures for larger versions. 

 Cassette Insert 
 Cassette Insert Front 
 Cassette Insert Back 
 Publicity Photo 
 This page created the hard way with VIM and GIMP. 8^)