Beru Revue Share - Concert 11/20/1987 

 My tape had some flaws where the audio drops out for a second or so on the Intro and Out There. It could be my stereo's tuner was drifting off of the station (remember analog tuners?). 

 Click on a song's link to play it. Right-Click on a song's link and choose "Save Targe As..." to download it. 


 Out There 

 Casio Selector 

 I Dont Want To Run 

 Bwaah - Real Rock 

 I Wanna Play A Little Music 

 Oliver Twist 

 Johnny Sacks 

 Women Can Fly 


 Talk To Us Greg 

 Be Careful Tonight 

 Get Me High 


 Trains Are Cool 

 Lightning Child 


 Waiting for Encore 

 Running Deep 

 Hawaii - Beru International 


 Magnify Background 

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