Beru Revue Share - Concert 12/26/1986 

 This is a concert with Germaine Phillips in the line up. It sounds a bit different than what I'm used to with additional and/or modified lyrics in some songs like Monopoly and Get Me High. 

 I Wanna Play A Little Music 

 Yo Ho 

 Hoods A Go-Go 

 Jam - No Words 

 I Gotta Job 

 Well Good Evening 

 She Comes Much Too Soon For Me 


 What should we do 

 Be Careful Tonight 

 Wont You Please 

 Under Greek Stars 

 Its Not My Fault 

 Women Can Fly 

 Trains Are Cool 


 Bwaah - Real Rock 

 Waiting for Encore 

 Im A Hungry Dude 

 Christmas Songs 

 Get Me High 

 Waiting for another encore 

 Waking Up When The Partys Over 

 Casio Selector 

 Hawaii - Beru International 


 Magnify Background 

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