Beru Revue Share - Concert 12/27/1985 

 This concert is right after Buzz Barkley went on sabatical? 

 My tapes had some flaws where the audio drops out for a second or so on some of the songs, like Monopoly, Trains Are Cool and Hawaii and there seems to be more distortion near the end of the concert. It could be my stereo's tuner was drifting off of the station (remember analog tuners?). 

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 Live From The Empire Rock Club 

 Women Can Fly 

 Be Careful Tonight 

 Yo Ho 

 Thats The Way It Is 

 Good Evening 

 I Got A Job 


 Hoods A Go Go 

 Thank You 

 Eddie Van Hamster 

 She Comes Much Too Soon For Me 

 Trains Are Cool 

 Thank You 

 Only One 


 Wont You Please 

 Bwaah - Real Rock 

 Wait for Encore 

 Summer Time Blues 

 Christmas Songs 

 Waiting for Second Encore 

 Get Me High 

 Hawaii - Beru International 


 Beru Commercial 

 Magnify Background 

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