Beru Revue Share - Concert 11/30/1984 

 This is a concert with the original line up I remember when first seeing Beru play live. 

 Bob does a plug for the DeBella Da Ball saying to tune in Monday to find out what band will be playing. It turns out the band was Beru Revue. 

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 The Poem 

 Be Careful Tonight 

 Casio Selector 

 Papal Swat Teams - Be On Time 


 Only One 

 Band Introduction 

 Johnny Sacks 

 Eddie Van Hamster 

 Aint Got No Job 


 Plug for DeBella Da Ball 

 Hoods A Go Go 

 I Got No Shame 

 Seasons Greetings 

 Waiting for Encore 

 Bwaah - Real Rock 


 Beru Revue Commercial 1 

 Beru Revue Commercial 2 

 Magnify Background 

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